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Content to add

From the Visitors book, Continuum Exhibition at Thelma Hulbert Gallery:

“powerful, evocative and for me life changing”


“a real discovery”

“stunning — this really is the best ever”

“exciting, beautiful and thoroughly absorbing”

“like looking into a diary, nostalgic”

“rich and rare”

“fascinating use of everyday objects seen in unusual ways”

“outlandish and clever”

The creative process and materials

“Fragments of discarded books appeal, especially if of early date… cords, headbands and perhaps pasted scraps, fragments of manuscript or printing may be revealed. They may have originated as trees from exotic places, to be processed and written on in the near east then used in 17th century France before being re-used again to re-enforce a book hinge and finally rejected thirty years ago”

“I never have a subject in mind when starting a work. Since starting my first collage I am unaware of any outside influence. All that has happened is from within”

“Newly manufactured materials seldom work unless they have known several previous lives and been exposed to the elements. They may, further, need beating, sandpapering, shredding, hammering and tearing to present themselves in an acceptable state”

“Collage – the liberating medium”

“From 1971 to date I have studiously avoided being knowingly influenced by anyone. What emerges comes from within rather than elsewhere”

“I have no conscious philosophy, it’s visual, tactile, getting things into relationships which seem to mean something”